Missions Trips Chapter 5: Border Patrol

Duane and Marilyn Gibson live in Mission, Texas, on the Mexico border, just north of Reynosa. There they minister to missionaries who live in Mexico, as well as continuing to reach out to Spanish-speaking people around the world. For the missionaries, they provide a bunkhouse for them to stay when passing through, a United States address for sending and receiving mail, and the supply of Spanish Bibles and teaching aids. For the people of Latin America, they send Bibles and correspondence courses all over the world. We received a tour of the office where Brother Gibson sends out the correspondence course materials, but I did not think of taking a picture until it was too late.

The Gibsons also minister to their family and serve in a local church in Mission. The baby in the photo is their great grandson. They watch him while his mother, their granddaughter, works.

The first of our eight days we four in Texas stayed,
Where the Gibsons entertained us at the Mission home;
They’re fond of having company, as many come
To avail themselves of fellowship, supplies, and aid.
We visited a while, then said good night and prayed,
Then headed to the bunkhouse where we chatted some
Few minutes more before we climbed on beds of foam
And fell asleep when once our heads on pillows laid.
The mission of the Gibsons many facets turns;
To reach the Latin world for Jesus is their aim.
With Bibles, teaching aids, and such they’re well supplied,
And courses to instruct the tender heart that yearns
To learn about the Savior and His holy name,
Away from hell’s grim border precious souls to guide.

In the next chapter, I will share our border-crossing experience and the blessing of rain.

“Border Patrol” (French Sonnet) Copyright © 2019 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved

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