Missions Trips Chapter 4: Reconnecting

We landed safely at the airport right on time,
Then disembarked and headed to the exit door.
In matching light blue shirts they stood, like years before—
A quarter century, in fact—they looked sublime!
“Come here,” she beckoned us, as if in pantomime.
This little doña standing next to her señor,
Two servants of the Lord, whom I’ve come to adore.
Our luggage now secured, let’s go. It’s dinnertime.
The evening passed in reconnecting very friends
And making a couple new connections on the way.
We photographed the faces and the places here
And shared the photos that we took in yesteryear.
I was not disappointed with this waited day—
We quickly for the years of absence made amends.

Today’s chapter is about reuniting with friends. It was so wonderful to see Tom and Jean Zartman again. They hadn’t changed much at all, considering the twenty-five years that had elapsed since I was last there.

It took an hour to drive from the airport in McAllen to Mission, TX, to the home of missionaries Duane and Marilyn Gibson, where we would have dinner and spend the night.

In the next chapter, I will tell you more about the Gibsons and their ministry on the Tex-Mex border.

“Reconnecting” (French Sonnet) Copyright © 2019 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved

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