Missions Trips Chapter 6: Showers of Blessing

Navigating the streets of Mission was interesting, due to all the heavy rainfall they had had recently. But according to the Gibsons, it could have been worse. While there were places where we had to watch out for flooding, at least the roads were passable. If we had come the week before, we would have been stranded in Mission, unable to cross the border due to flooded streets both north and directly south of our point of entrance into Mexico. So we saw the hand of God in the timing of our visit.

The rain came down in Houston, and McAllen too,
But did not interrupt our flights or cause delay.
The showers still were falling on the second day,
And many streets were flooded, but we made it through
Reynosa to the open highway—yet no blue.
The rain had stopped before we got to Monterrey,
But still the sky and mountains hid ‘neath clouds of gray
While brightly painted houses broke the dismal hue.
Would there be rain in Monterrey? The land is dry.
The riverbeds are empty; reservoirs are low.
At nine o’clock we went upstairs to go to bed
And woke up to the pitter-pat of watershed.
It rained all day; the streets began to overflow.
It’s raining still, and soothing as a lullaby.

Coming up next, a birthday party and a cake….

“Showers of Blessing” (French Sonnet) Copyright © 2019 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved

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