Missions Trips Chapter 10: Sunday Morning

The Lord’s Day dawned with joy in Monterrey—
The window gave admission to the air.
We rose and each made ready for the day,
Then went to church, the building to prepare.
The service started with a time of prayer,
As ‘round the room requests to heaven went,
For they have learned to cast on Him their care
And that each blessing from God’s hand is sent.
When prayer was done, each voice in praises blent
Then through the room they passed the bread and cup.
The blood and body which these represent
Redeemed our sins when Christ was lifted up.
Though language barriers hold us apart,
We share a common bond within the heart.

The Sunday morning meeting place was within walking distance of the house, which was convenient since there wasn’t room for us all in the car on account of having to carry the keyboard and stand. So Don Tomás drove over there with the keyboard while Mrs. Zartman, Mary, and I walked.

The “sanctuary” is a dance studio during the week, so everything had to be set up: chairs, pulpit, keyboard, hymnals, and the communion table. Mary and I had practiced our music at home, so we were already ready for that part of the service.

There was a good turnout for the morning service, and most everyone arrived on time. 🙂 The service was led by one of the Mexicans, but Don Tomás also had a part in the service. I accompanied the congregational singing as well as the duet Mary and I sang, “Nueva Vida” (New Life). Incidentally, I have known that song since my college days, but I learned just weeks before our trip that it was written by my choir director’s brother, a missionary to Chile. In fact, Mr. Allen and I gave an impromptu a cappella duet after choir practice one Sunday morning just before the trip. Mary learned the song for the trip, and she did an excellent job singing the melody while I harmonized with her.

Mary also played a piano solo for the offertory. Before the preaching began, the people requested that we sing “Nueva Vida” again, this time a cappella so they could hear the words better.

“Sunday Morning” Copyright © 2019 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved

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