The Lord’s Prayer

The Savior looked with love upon His disciples.
He had taught them all they needed to know. Now,
Entering the garden, He prepared to say goodbye.

Lifting His eyes toward heaven, Jesus prayed,
Oh Father, I have finished the work You gave Me to do. I’m
Ready to return to Your side. Please glorify Me, that I may glorify You. I
Do not pray for the world, but for these whom You have given Me.
Sanctify them through Your truth; Your Word is truth. I

Pray that they would be one, as You and I are. Send the Spirit, that they
Remember, when they see Me no more, that I am
Always with them, and in them, and they in Me.
Your name have I declared to them, and Your love bestowed, that for all
Eternity they may be one with us, and even now they may
Rejoice in Me.

Today we were supposed to conclude the study of the real Lord’s Prayer, but I have gone out of town and did not have time to write the final chapter of the study before I left. Rather than write it hastily, I decided to write a poem instead, and I’ll write the final chapter when I return and can give it the time it deserves. The Lord bless you!

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