My Dear Redeemer, and My Lord

open hymnal in the sunshine

My dear Redeemer, and my Lord,
I read my duty in Thy Word;
But in Thy life the law appears,
Drawn out in living characters.

Such was Thy truth, and such Thy zeal,
Such deference to Thy Father’s will,
Such love, and meekness so divine,
I would transcribe, and make them mine.

Cold mountains, and the midnight air,
Witnessed the fervor of Thy prayer:
The desert Thy temptations knew,
Thy conflict, and Thy victory too.

Be Thou my pattern: make me bear
More of Thy gracious image here;
Then God, the Judge, shall own my name,
Among the followers of the Lamb.

Isaac Watts

Copied from my grandmother’s hymnal, Hymn Book, Methodist Episcopal Church, South: Nashville, TN, 1901, Hymn #79.

Note: The hymns in this hymnal are not titled. So when I do not know the hymn, I make up a title or simply use the first line.

Photo taken in Milton, FL, 2018

One thought on “My Dear Redeemer, and My Lord

  1. Hello – happy Monday! I am visiting from FMF…but have enjoyed looking around a bit! I smiled with your introduction and having “turned loose the last of your chicks”! Definitely the way to an empty nest:)

    Enjoyed this hymn…although I don’t know that I have actually heard this one! A new (old) for me!

    Have a great week!!


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