Sing, All in Heaven, at Jesus’ Birth

open hymnal in the sunshine

Sing, all in heaven, at Jesus’ birth,
Glory to God, and peace on earth:
Incarnate love in Christ is seen,
Pure mercy and good will to men.

Praise Him, extolled above all height,
Who doth in worthless worms delight:
God reconciled in Christ confess,
Your present and eternal peace.

From Jesus, manifest below,
Rivers of pure salvation flow,
And pour on man’s distinguished race
Their everlasting streams of grace.

Sing, every soul of Adam’s line,
The favorite attribute Divine,
Ascribing, with the hosts above,
All glory to the God of love.

Written by Charles Wesley

Copied from my grandmother’s hymnal, Hymn Book, Methodist Episcopal Church, South: Nashville, TN, 1901, Hymn #62.

Note: The hymns in this hymnal are not titled. So when I do not know the hymn, I make up a title. Such is the case with this one.

Photo taken in Milton, FL, 2018

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