The Gift

large wrapped gift under Christmas tree

The day He came I well recall,
When fin’lly I surrendered all.
The greatest gift Christ gave to me—
Himself—from sin to set me free.

A child of God, with much to learn,
To Jesus I my face did turn;
I asked my Lord to give me light,
That I may know the wrong from right.

And when my heart with grief was filled,
To see my loved one’s breathing stilled,
I asked my Lord to give me peace,
To comfort me in his decease.

Another time I cried in shame
When someone hurtful soiled my name.
I asked my Lord to give me love
To show forgiveness from above.

Then one dark night, in valley low,
From heavy heart my tears did flow.
I asked my Lord to give me joy,
To make me glad in His employ.

And then one day, with great surprise,
My Savior opened up my eyes.
He said with words so soft and low,
“There’s something that you need to know.

“The moment that you welcomed Me
Into your heart, your Lord to be,
I gave you all you’ll ever need
To live for Me, and to succeed.

“You need not ask for any more
Than what I gave to you before.
I AM your joy, and love, and peace,
Your light—and I will never cease.”

And now with grateful heart I sing,
“In Jesus I have everything!”

In celebration of my 29th spiritual birthday

Copyright © 2018 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved

Photo taken in Milton, FL, 2018

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