Jairus’ Daughter: A Living Testament (curated)

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This story moved me to tears as I read it. And since I have not planned to write about Jairus’ daughter in my Women of the Bible series, I wanted to share this lovely “biblical devotion” with you. (How I missed her in the line-up the world may never know.)

Jairus’ Daughter: A Living Testament

By David Ettinger

Note: This “biblical devotion” tells the story of Jairus’ daughter from her perspective.

Rivkah[1] never got tired of visiting her old room on the anniversary of that day.

Now 25 years old, the daughter of Jairus the synagogue leader had been married for 10 years to a devoted husband and was the mother of two beautiful children, a boy and a girl. Every year she would visit her parents on this date, separate herself from her family and spend a little time in the room which was hers from birth until the day she married.

There was nothing special about the room. In fact, it was rather small and cramped. It was not decorated in a way which would cause anyone to look twice at it. It was simply a room adequate for the needs of a child, one that allowed enough room for a bed and an area in which to dress and undress. However, there was one thing about this room that – to the best of her knowledge – no one else could claim about their rooms….

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