My Favorite Book

Bible (5)Of all the books I love to read,
There’s one I especially favor.
Upon its words I daily feed,
Enjoying the savor.
It satisfies my appetite;
It has no worthy rival.
This wondrous work of which I write
Is called the Holy Bible.

With the 30 Days of Poetry series drawing to a close, I want to introduce you to what’s coming next on my blog, and that is a look at the Bible. This will not be a Bible study, per se, nor will it be devotional in nature. Instead, it will simply be things I have learned in the course of studying the Bible. Much of what you will see here will come from my journal entries. Sometimes there will be commentary references, other times not. And of course, there will still be poetry.

Why do I want to share these things with you? Because I am a sponge, and for too long I have been soaking in truths without being wrung out into the lives of others. I’ve become saturated. So it is my desire to share some of these truths with you so that perhaps you too may be encouraged or helped in your own day-to-day issues. And in so doing, I will once more have the capacity to be refilled so I may start the cycle over again.

© 2017 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved

Poem written August 19, 2002
Photo taken in Milton, Florida, 2017

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Book

  1. Angela, I really appreciate your eagerness to share your heart with us. The name and tagline of your blog say so much and I pray that as you share what you’re learning in the Word both you and your readers will be blessed.
    Wishing you blessings!

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    • Thank you, Marva! Sometimes it’s more of a burning than an eagerness (Ps 39:3). There’s a post coming up in a few days (Saturday), which I’m working on now. Believe me, it is costing me a lot to write, forcing me to deal squarely with an issue I’ve been ignoring for years. You’ll understand if you read it.


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