The Princess and Her Buddy

family reunion

There was a lovely princess
Who lived short time ago;
She laughed with other children
And played in sand and snow.

The princess had a brother;
They never were apart.
They did all things together,
As joined from heart to heart.

The princess called him Buddy,
For they were loyal friends.
Their days were filled with sunshine,
Their nights with pleasant dreams.

Then one day blackness covered them—
They run and play no more.
The princess and her buddy—
Together evermore!

Princess and Buddy

Amy and her children, Ashleigh, Buddy, and Alysa

My sister Amy’s youngest children, ages 5 and 7, were tragically taken from this life in a house fire on May 8, 2006. She had the pain of burying them the day before Mother’s Day. Although time has softened the pain, to this day I cannot read this poem without weeping for her loss—our loss. But we take comfort in the words of King David in II Samuel 12:23. Buddy and Alysa cannot return to us, but we will go to them.

Photos taken in South Hill, Virginia, 2004, at a family reunion approximately 2 years before Buddy and Alysa left this world for the next

swinging with grandpa

“Princess” Alysa with Grandpa and Puppy Love

5 thoughts on “The Princess and Her Buddy

  1. Oh Angela! My heart goes out to Your sister, You and Your whole family for this loss! A parent should never have to bury a child. Let alone just before Mother’s Day. A wonderful and loving tribute for two sweet souls!!! I can understand the difficulty being able to read this without tearing up! Such a wonderful gift for Your Sister and her family!! You have such a loving heart to put this down on paper.

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