FMF: Breathe

The following is my response to this week’s Five-Minute-Friday prompt. This is a place where many people gather, set their timers to 5 minutes, and free-write on a given topic. Today’s prompt is: BREATHE.

And, GO…

Breathing is not something I take for granted. In fact, just a couple days ago I noticed my inhaler was sitting out. As I picked it up to put it away, it dawned on me that I haven’t needed it in quite some time. Allergies and asthma sometimes belabor my breaths, and this past spring I went through eight agonizing weeks of struggling to fill my lungs with oxygen. Not only did I have pollen to deal with, but there was also a wildfire in our community. Firefighters stopped it about a half mile from the house, but it burned for days and the smoke was almost unbearable when the wind blew it in our direction. Thankfully we had friends who let us stay with them until the fire was under control.

Whether I feel well or ill, I thank God for every breath I take. And why shouldn’t I? He quite literally breathed the first breath of life into Adam when He created the human race, and He is the One who gives you and me life and breath as well.

Have you ever been with someone when they passed from this life to the next? I have. Three times. The most memorable of those was my dad. I watched as his breathing got shallower and slower as the moment of departure neared. I would hold my breath waiting for him to breathe his next. Finally another breath would come. Then after a while another. And another, just barely discernible. And then he heaved one big final sigh, and he was immediately transported into the presence of his Savior.

I say with Job, “The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord!”


The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.

Job 33:4

A monologue written for Kate Motaung’s Five-Minute Friday: BREATHE

Photo taken in Trinidad

7 thoughts on “FMF: Breathe

  1. I second what Carol said! Not needing the inhaler so much is groovy.

    Sometimes I saw life-breath cease,
    for I have seen men die;
    sometimes I heard hymns of peace,
    but I’ve heard angels cry
    for those who were struck down too soon
    in their bright flush of youth,
    denied of their white old age boon,
    but I guess they learned the truth
    when their eyes closed last on earth,
    and opened next in Heaven
    that this was their real rebirth,
    and that their souls were leaven
    for the joy God could not hide
    as He knelt right by their side.

    In the #1 spot at FMF this week.

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  2. There is something so humbling – and powerful – being at the side of a loved one when they take their last breath! Hard to explain. Can you imagine waking up in Glory?? Enjoyed your thoughts today!

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    • I try to imagine it, but I really can’t. I don’t think of reunions or even of being free from pain. What amazes me the most is that so much of what I think is important now won’t matter a lick in the presence of Jesus.


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