FMF: Refrain

It’s been ages since I’ve written or read a blog post. No excuses. Life got in the way. Today I’ve come back to my house to look over our possessions one more time and decide if there’s anything else I want to take with me, should the wildfire that is threatening our home force us to minimize and live more simply.

Is writing really the most important thing I could be doing right now? Some, perhaps many, would say no. But it is calming to me. And besides, this post is only supposed to take five minutes to write. My timer is set, and when it goes off, I’ll move on to the next thing.

Covid is just as real in our community as it is anywhere else. But recently our minds have been diverted from Covid by a strong storm followed by a tornado, followed by a wildfire. All these experiences are firsts for my family and me. Add to that the final exams that my children, among many others, are taking, bringing an end to the most bizarre semester of their college career. Add to that the personal drama of asthma attacks, difficulty swallowing, and a twisted ankle. Needless, to say, my cup is running over right now, not only with trials but with grace to face them.

Then this morning dawned, and I awoke with a sense of dread. I do not fear the loss of the house and all it contains, but I was worried for the health and safety of the brave people who are fighting this fire—and have been fighting it for days. Not only that, I was concerned for all who have already lost their homes, and all whose homes stand in the path between my own home and the 100-foot wall of fire. The wind is picking up again, and the rain refuses to fall.

But I must REFRAIN from fearing.

How can I fear with Jesus? “Lord, I believe. Help Thou mine unbelief.”

I know that now, as always, He will show Himself faithful.

A monologue written for Kate Motaung’s Five-Minute Friday: REFRAIN

Photo borrowed from Kate Motaung

8 thoughts on “FMF: Refrain

  1. Sending (((hugs))) and prayers. So much to be thrown at you all at the same time.
    (your fellow FMF blogger, #13)
    P.S. Where do you live?

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    • Sandra, thank you so much. I live in Milton, Florida. The fire has been named the Five Mile Swamp Fire, and it has burned over 2000 acres so far. Although more than a dozen houses have been lost at this point, as well as a few places of business, there have been no deaths or injuries that I know of, and that is certainly a blessing. Well, one homeowner trying to extinguish his barn was treated for smoke inhalation and released, but none besides him.


  2. Praying for you, Angela. And it’s great to see you again!

    Keep them safe, those on the line
    that stand in our defence
    through this dark and harrowed time
    of hell’s own hateful lens.
    Keep them safe, those who teach
    our children to be wise,
    and keep safe the ones who preach,
    and open up our eyes
    to the need to hand out grace,
    especially now,
    in this unfamiliar place
    where we don’t know how.
    Keep them safe and keep them warm,
    our doughty anchors in the storm.

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  3. You’re a wonderful writer. Keep blogging. I love your “Refrain” writing as it is so timely to hear those words -refrain from fearing . Yes Jesus certainly gives the grace to get through all trials we face, we have His joy, His peace and His strength too to endure and overcome and outrun anything that comes at us. Praise Jesus !

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  4. Thank you, Jessie. I saw your comment right away but couldn’t reply on my phone because I don’t remember my password. 🙂 It’s taken this long for me to get back to my laptop. I pray that your own difficulties are resolving and that God is working His perfect will in the midst of them.


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