Book Review: The Gateway Series: A Peaceful Home

The Gateway Series- A Peaceful Home (A Peaceful Home)

The Gateway Series- A Peaceful Home by Elisabeth Elliot

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have loved and respected Elisabeth Elliot from my teen years, when I first became acquainted with her radio program, and later her books. The Gateway Series is an audio collection of several radio talks in which Elisabeth interviews Arleta Winston on the subject of child-rearing, particularly in regard to the training of toddlers and young children. Although my children are grown now, I still gained much from listening to these talks. Sometimes, I listened with regret, wishing I could have heard these talks when my children were small and could have implemented the strategies she suggested. Other times I rejoiced that the Lord had guided me into making right decisions with my children. My husband and I are transitioning into the empty-nest era, and soon there may be a new addition to the family in the form of a daughter-in-law. With that in mind, I tucked away a few nuggets of wisdom from Mrs. Winston that will help me to be a good grandmother.

This particular edition is on cassette, which is fast becoming obsolete; but I imagine it may well be available on CD or even available in other digital formats. An internet search will reveal all the options available.

I recommend this audio book to all mothers and grandmothers, but especially to mother of small children. She speaks from experience, showing us moms how to train our children to behave, often without spanking, but always with composure, love, and complete control.

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