Missions Trips Chapter 12: Such Sweet Sorrow

The time for our departure came too soon;
we piled back in the car and headed north.
The drive was nice. We stopped for lunch at noon,
then on the road again, we journeyed forth.
Could I return a third time? maybe fourth?
It all depends on what God has in store;
but I cannot begin to tell the worth
of visiting with friends whom I adore.
The Gibsons put us up for one night more,
and in due time we left to catch our flight.
The doña stood again with her señor—
I etched within my memory the sight.
She said, “Don’t mind the tears. I always cry
whenever it comes time to say goodbye.”

As we drove through the city, we saw things that looked quite familiar… KFC, Krispy Kreme, IHOP, a window washer, and road construction…

And then came things we had never seen before… the Lasso, a metal sculpture… a horse-drawn trash collector… armored vehicles patrolling the streets… and a slushie vendor in the line of traffic waiting to cross the border

And God’s creation was simply breathtaking. Granted, most of these photos were taken from the back seat of a moving vehicle, but I think you can still appreciate with me the splendor of what God has made.

Back at the Gibson’s house, we got to meet some of their family who were visiting briefly before heading back south to their mission home in Mexico. After dinner, we had dessert with coffee. I was tickled by the half cup I found in the kitchen, and could not resist taking a picture of it.

Mrs. Zartman gave Mary some wise advice, but don’t ask me what they were talking about, for I was spying from a distance. 🙂

I think there was supposed to be a photo of all of us together at the airport, but sometimes when other people use my camera, they don’t depress the shutter button all the way. At least we got this one.

All too soon our visit had come to an end, and it was time to say goodbye. Teary hugs were exchanged, and we boarded our plane to come home as our dear friends made their way back to their Mexico home and ministry.

I thank the Lord for opening the door for Mary and me to travel to Monterrey, Mexico, to visit with Tom and Jean Zartman and see their ministry there. And I do pray that the Lord will allow me to return someday—with my husband. The Zartmans have made a special request. They want to meet him. 🙂 We will remain sensitive to the Lord’s leading and pray for an open door.

Meanwhile, my hubby and I will be making a mission trip this month to the island country of Trinidad in the Caribbean, to lend a helping hand to our long-time friend Kawal Rampersad. I’ll tell you more about that in the next chapter….

“Such Sweet Sorrow” (Spenserian Sonnet) Copyright © 2019 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved

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