Missions Trips Chapter 3: Connecting Flight

Today I’ll begin the story of our trip to Mexico. This and each of the following chapters includes a poem which I wrote to describe some element of the trip. I also have some photos to share….

My daughter had not flown before going to Canada, so this flight with me to Mexico was only her second air excursion. While I have flown many times in the past, I haven’t done much flying in recent years. It was fun, although things certainly have changed in the industry since the first time I flew to Mexico twenty-five years ago.

Before taking off, we had some time to kill, so we went to the USO lounge and played a fun game of Scrabble. Then we said good-bye to our hometown, enjoying the aerial view, and headed for Houston, TX, where we would make our connecting flight to McAllen.

After arriving in Houston, we made our way to the terminal where we would secure the second flight of the trip, then with time to spare, we did a little shopping and had lunch.

How smooth the landing when the wheels came out and down,
As soothing as the rich confection that we bought.
We found a place to sit and eat, and chanced to spot
Two downy feathered friends, a mix of gray and brown.
The male, more deeply hued, with black upon his crown,
Came sailing from his perch without a second thought
And walked among the human passersby who sought
To travel in the fashion that this bird has flown.
A minute more and both the birds then flew away;
Our lunch was done and pretty soon we’d do the same.
We came to Houston to connect, but not to stay.
I hope the second leg is equally as tame,
For heaven is my destiny, but not today.
I’d like to make it safely home from whence I came.

“Connecting Flight” (French Sonnet) Copyright © 2019 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved

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