The Heavens Declare Thy Glory, Lord

open hymnal in the sunshine

The heavens declare Thy glory, Lord,
In every star Thy wisdom shines;
But when our eyes behold Thy Word,
We read Thy name in fairer lines.

The rolling sun, the changing light,
And night and day, Thy power confess;
But the blest volume Thou hast writ,
Reveals Thy justice and Thy grace.

Sun, moon, and stars convey Thy praise
Round the whole earth, and never stand;
So when Thy truth began its race,
It touched and glanced on every land.

Nor shall Thy spreading gospel rest,
Till through the world Thy truth has run:
Till Christ has all the nations blessed,
That see the light, or feel the sun.

Great Sun of righteousness, arise!
Bless the dark world with heavenly light:
Thy gospel makes the simple wise;
Thy laws are pure, Thy judgments right.

Isaac Watts

Copied from my grandmother’s hymnal, Hymn Book, Methodist Episcopal Church, South: Nashville, TN, 1901, Hymn #680.

Note: The hymns in this hymnal are not titled. So when I do not know the hymn, I make up a title or simply use the first line.

Photo taken in Milton, FL, 2018

4 thoughts on “The Heavens Declare Thy Glory, Lord

      • Thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad there are some God-honoring preachers on radio and television for when we cannot be in God’s house. I’ve had to stay home many times due to frequent migraines that are sensitive to sound, but a broadcasted service does almost make me feel as if I’m there. My own church broadcasts the morning service, so I’m thankful to be able to “attend” even when I cannot be there in person. 🙂

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