FMF: A Place for Everything

isn’t random
a place for everything
you’ve heard this said time and again
your mom
my mom
even you and I have said it
everything in its place
yet still we have

When I first saw this prompt, I had every intention of taking it a different direction. Then a client called and agreed to come by the house to pick up a piece of piano art. So I dropped what I was doing and got busy tidying up the house. That’s right. All you Instagrammers who have picture-perfect living rooms, you’re shocked, aren’t you? Mine only gets that way for the picture.

I was finished in plenty of time, and even had time to work in the studio for several minutes before she arrived. But my client never saw the fruits of my labor, for she never came inside. The poor lady is allergic to cats and dogs, so I had to bring the art to the front porch. But that’s okay. My house is clean again.

Life isn’t always chaotic around our house, as I’m sure it isn’t at yours either. Now that our children are [mostly] grown, it’s a lot easier to keep order in the home. But even so, in the last days before an art show, when I have four or five projects going on at once, I can find myself having to tread carefully to avoid bumping into something I’ve set aside to dry or cure. The dog leaves his toys lying around. (How dare he!) And the cat has this annoying habit of dragging my slippers out of the bedroom and dropping them in odd places throughout the house. He has even tried to take them off my feet!

Needless to say, life runs much more smoothly when things are in their place. It’s a lot easier to work in a tidy and clean studio, when I can find the tools I need for the job at hand. And we reflect our Creator best when we do things decently and in order. After all, that’s His way.

 Let all things be done decently and in order.

1 Corinthians 14:40

A Mirror Cinquain written for Kate Motaung’s Five-Minute Friday: PLACE
Also linked to Abigail Gronway’s 5-Line Poem Challenge #7: Mirror Cinquain
Copyright © 2019 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved

Photo courtesy of Kate Motaung, host of Five-Minute Friday

9 thoughts on “FMF: A Place for Everything

  1. Having just (finally) tidied the kitchen and dining room — and steadfastly avoided a guest bed heaped with detritus — I celebrated your post. Yes, I do feel calmer and more creative when everything is in its place, Especially when living is all about making it messy again.

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  2. My living room is rarely picture perfect…nor anything else in the house. Maybe once a year for a Christmas party! I wish I was more organized, that’s for sure. Do you have art shows in your house? That would be quite an undertaking!
    I like Carol’s comment…I’ll have to adopt that as my new home slogan “living is all about making it messy again.”

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    • Don’t we all! No, I don’t have art shows in my home. It’s not big enough for that. 🙂 But from time to time people stop by to pick up something they have ordered at a show. In this case, it was an item that a lady won in a drawing at a local art show. Sometimes I deliver, and other times they come to me.


  3. With four kiddos seven and under my home rarely looks put together during the day, but once they are all put to bed for the night, all the pieces go back to their places. We function better in the morning if I take the time to put it all back the night before. Thanks for sharing, and I love the poem at the beginning!
    FMF #44

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    • I totally agree that the day always starts well when things go in their place the night before… but it’s not the end of the world if they don’t. 😉 Thank you for your kind comment. These past few days my clutter has been in my head rather than (or maybe in addition to) around me. It’s seems I’m sick for the first time in over two years. Yuck!


  4. Loved this! Here, Belle The Giant Puppy does keep control of her toys…and that may be the only Nonchaotic Canine Element.

    You inspired a poem. Hope you like it!

    Yes, the house is chaos,
    and it never seems to end
    but it’s a kind of naos
    for every canine friend.
    The dogs with no place to go
    all seem to turn up here;
    limited space but hearts can grow
    to dry each canine tear.
    Their lonely days have been forgot
    and the house resounds with joy
    as they sing in voices polyglot,
    and quibble for ev’ry toy.
    Two baseball teams of dogs, plus one,
    and ev’ry day we’re havin’ fun.

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