FMF: Influence

mockingbird sitting on tree branch

“They are watching you,” my teacher said.
Red rose in my face to think it true.
“You had best be careful in your walk.
Talk is good, but not as good as deeds.
Weeds are quickly pulled when they are small;
tall, the ones we coddle or ignore,
nor will they be easy to remove.
You’ve been warned—don’t let the others down.
Crown your life with glory and with grace;
face the day in humbleness; don’t strive.
I’ve heard some say: ‘I want to be like her someday.’”

Blind Rhyme
Written for Five-Minute Friday: INFLUENCE
Copyright © 2019 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved

11 thoughts on “FMF: Influence

  1. That is really nice, Angela. It is so true (and I know this as a parent) that deeds often speak more loudly and accurately than words. I really like the line “Face the day in humbleness; don’t strive.” That quiet influence can have far more impact than flashy accomplishments.

    Jeannie (next door to you in the linkup at #29)

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  2. Hello, Angela! I’m your FMF neighbor #31 and so happy to find you here! We are kindred spirits since I’m also a “degreed” English person who taught for years instead of writing. I was also a cleaning lady for a short stint! I love your blind rhyme poem. Thank you for sharing! I’ll keep visiting!


  3. So glad that you stopped by my place so I could come here in turn and read these words! Thank you for reminding me of the importance of aligning my walk and my talk. The world needs to see our authenticity, not our hypocrisy.


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