Not Very Long

couple standing hand in hand on a bridge

A score plus four I’ve been with you;

The years have seemed but just a few.

My handsome knight in armor bright,

Again I give my pledge

To love and ever true remain—

Our marriage bed I will not stain.

To be your wife and share your life,

It is my privilege.

A score plus four you’ve been with me,

And you have loved me faithfully.

You’ve sacrificed, and oft enticed

Me with your charming ways.

You work, our yearnings to provide;

Within our home you’ve been a guide.

And though I tend to condescend,

You’ll love me all your days.

A score plus four—not very long;

The grace of God has made us strong.

He filled our years with joy and tears

That we might come to know

A stronger bond than marriage vows.

Through trials that His love allows,

Together we have come to be

Alit with Heaven’s glow.

To my husband, Patrick Rueger, with love on our 24th wedding anniversary


Copyright © 2018 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved

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