May I Ask You a Favor?

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31 Days of 5-Minute Free-Writes

Day 14: Ask

Today, on Day 14 of my baby-book shower for Reflections of a Mother’s Heart, I would like to ask you to do me a favor. There on the table in front of you is a mirror.  Pick it up, and look inside of it. Go ahead, don’t be shy. It’s just us here.

What do you see in the mirror?

How about your mouth? Is it smiling?

Do you see your hair? your cheeks? your laugh lines?

Now look at your eyes—not just at your eyes, but into your eyes. They say the eyes are the windows of the soul. Keeping with the theme of my book, let’s say the eyes are windows of the heart. What stories are reflecting from your heart today? More importantly, what are you doing to tell your story?

Kate Motaung, host of Five-Minute Friday, has challenged us to 31 Days of Five-Minute Free Writes, in which we will explore the telling of our story. This isn’t the first such challenge of hers, but it is the first for me. Thank you for sharing it with me.

For a list of links to all my posts for this challenge, click here.

¹Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, part of the Deluxe Library Version 8.1 of StudyLamp Software: Broken Arrow, OK, 1995-2017.

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