Door of Opportunity

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31 Days of 5-Minute Free-Writes

Day 11: Door

Welcome to Day 11 of my baby-book shower for Reflections of a Mother’s Heart. This is a special day because it’s time for another game! For this game I need five volunteers. I see those hands. You five ladies come on down to the front of the room. Don’t be shy.

As you can see (Use your imagination. Work with me here.) we have five doors before us, and each one of them is labeled “Opportunity.” Behind each door is a chair. And on each chair is an envelope with instructions inside for what you are to do. I’m going to send one of you through each door, and I’ll give you a few minutes to read your instructions and do whatever it is you’re supposed to do. When you’re finished, just sit quietly in the chair until I call for you.

[The ladies disappear behind the doors, and the rest of us sing the chorus, “The World Is Your Opportunity,” while we wait for the great reveal.]

[Door Number 1 opens and the lady comes out with a piece of paper in her hand.]

Door Number 1: Writer

This lady had the opportunity to be a writer, and in a few minutes we are all going to find out what she wrote.

[Door Number 2 opens and the lady comes out with a large pen & ink drawing. She holds it up for all to see.]

Door Number 2: Cover Artist

This lady is an artist, and she had the opportunity to draw the cover art for the “book” the first lady wrote.

[Door Number 3 opens and the lady comes out carrying a magnifying glass and a red pen.]

Door Number 3: Editor

This lady has the opportunity to be an editor for the “book” the first lady wrote.

[Lady #3 takes the paper from Lady #1 and looks it over with her magnifying glass, making random marks with the red pen from time to time. 

[Door Number 4 opens and the lady comes out with a cordless microphone.]

Door Number 4: Speaker

This lady has the opportunity to serve as a speaker in a women’s conference, and she is going to read a portion of the “book” the first lady wrote.

[Lady #4 takes the paper from Lady #3 and reads it out loud while Lady #2 holds up the picture once again. The crowd may applaud the performance.]

[Last but not least, Door Number 5 opens and the lady comes out with two five-dollar bills.]

Door Number 5: Sponsor

This lady has the opportunity to support both the writer and the speaker by offering them her sponsorship. She has pledged to give each of them $5 per month to encourage them in their pursuit of God’s call on their lives.

[Lady #5 gives a five-dollar bill to both Lady #4 and Lady #1. Hugs are appropriate if you feel comfortable.] 

Let’s give our volunteers a round of applause. Didn’t they do a great job? (And give me my money back. Sorry, but you don’t get to keep it.)

~      D      ~      O      ~      O      ~      R      ~

All those doors looked the same on the outside, but beyond each door lay a totally different opportunity for each lady. Tell me, which of those opportunities was most important? The answer: None. Did you see how they worked together as a team? They each had a part to do, and they did their part. Granted, there are some writers who can also create their own cover art, who are quite adept at editing, and who are equally competent when speaking to a crowd. And if they happen to be independently wealthy, then they can be a one-man show. But where’s the fun in that? Where’s the community in that? God created us to need each other, and He is pleased when we help each other.

And yes, the sponsor is just as important as the writer or speaker. How do I know? Because precious few writers and speakers are independently wealthy.

Now allow me to use this door of opportunity to tell you how you can become a sponsor of my book series through a site called Patreon. I am a patron of a fellow artist, and that has given me the courage to seek patronage there myself. As of the writing of this post, I don’t have my account set up to accept patrons. But if the hurricane does not take out our power, then I’ll work on it. And if it does, then I’ll get it done before the end of the book-baby shower. There will be incentives for various tiers of giving, and I’ve given much thought to those incentives. So stay tuned for some exciting announcements!

Kate Motaung, host of Five-Minute Friday, has challenged us to 31 Days of Five-Minute Free Writes, in which we will explore the telling of our story. This isn’t the first such challenge of hers, but it is the first for me. Thank you for sharing it with me.

For a list of links to all my posts for this challenge, click here.

¹Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, part of the Deluxe Library Version 8.1 of StudyLamp Software: Broken Arrow, OK, 1995-2017.

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