4 thoughts on “Contradictions

  1. This is precious and brought back something. Years ago as I was starting to broadcast, Elisabeth Elliot was visiting India and in our Studios. I got to interview her and she stopped and grinned down at me. I was just out of college and was trembling like a leaf. It didn’t help that she stood a shoulder and more over my 5’4 inches. What amazed me was her quiet strength and steady voice as she ran us through the story of her life with the Auca Indians and JIm E. God has His beautiful gentle arms all over the decades and generations of us. Phew!

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    • Part of me wants to say she was just a woman, the same as you and me… but the other part is screaming with excitement over the fact that you got to meet and interview her. Ah, what a privilege that must have been! I used to stop everything and listen to her daily broadcasts. I’ve read several of her books too, and intend to read them all. Elisabeth Elliot learned much through the things she suffered, and she left us a fine example of how to live godly in this present world.

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      • I was so young then, didnt know much of her life, it was only in meeting her and getting all her story first hand that made the impact. it was amazing in itself. They had to stop the interview recording thrice, I was gagging with the impact of her story. She wasn’t used to saying it to someone who hadnt heard all of it. her wide beautiful eyes and faint lipstick. I must’ve been 22, just out of college. she gave me a look I never understood then – like a mother worrying about a naive daughter…

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