30 Paintings in 30 Days: Day 2


Day 2 of 30in30 Challenge — “Piano” watercolor on Canson, 6″ x 6″

Some days I will work on making things from old pianos, which is what I do. But for today’s study in watercolor, I decided to paint a piano keyboard. The challenge here was creating black by using only red, green, and blue pencils. Mission accomplished! The white keys need a little help, but I mostly wanted to see if I could make black by blending other colors, and it turned out to be quite simple.

If you are interested in joining the challenge, you can sign up at Leslie Saeta’s 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge, and then post and/or view the other entries at the linkup. Today is actually Day 3, but there is still plenty of time to get involved.

Why Watercolor?

Because I’m not very good, and I want to know if I can learn a little bit about how to use this medium in 30 days of practice.

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DISCLAIMER: I said in my previous post that I would remain a day behind, but I was wrong. If I am to include a link in my link-up, there has to be a published article first. So today there are two. No biggie. 🙂

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