The Making of a Rainbow

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Rainbows are made of sunlight and rain. The sunlight, which turned my world into a radiance of color, was the knowledge of Jim Elliot’s love. The rain was the other fact he explained to me… that God was calling him to remain single.

Elisabeth Elliot, Passion and Purity (Revell, 2002), p. 52.

Have you ever had such wonderful tidings to be clouded by such a seemingly dreadful announcement? What could be worse than for a man to admit he is deeply in love with you but has no intention of getting married? Well, she prayed the more fervently (he did too), and eventually God did move Jim and Elizabeth to be married. But for a while leading up to that wonderful day, Elizabeth chose to let the rain of Jim’s choice form a rainbow of promise rather than a flood of shattered dreams.

How do you face disappointments? Are they gloomy gales? scary storms? or reassuring rainbows?

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3 thoughts on “The Making of a Rainbow

    • Her story is wonderful and worth sharing. Before hearing her radio talks and reading her books, I never knew such purity was humanly possible. Resolve alone is not enough. This kind of relationship is only possible through God’s strength. She and Jim did that, and they are an inspiration to us all.


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