Easier said than done
The race is never won
By the one who has never run

Your heart will know such peace
When complexities all cease
The slow deep breath release

Make much of little things
Don’t fret about the stings
Soar high on broken wings

❅          ❅          ❅

This poem was written for the Five-Minute Friday Linkup ~ Simplify. If it doesn’t make sense, it is only because I wrote it in five minutes, as per the rules of the challenge. To be honest, I sat here for several minutes waiting for inspiration to come before pressing “start” on the timer. Then I realized that my hesitation was defeating the purpose of the exercise: to spend five minutes free-writing. So what if nothing comes to mind during those five minutes?

But something did come. When I pressed the button that started the timer, suddenly the words flowed, if rather disjointedly. The poem is not pretty, but it accurately reflects my unedited thoughts on the subject of simplifying. In fact, I literally released a slow, deep breath while writing, after which the thoughts seemed to flow more freely.

It is my desire to live a more simple life. I’ll write about it soon, when my time is not shackled by five minutes on the clock.
Copyright © 2018 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved

Photo taken in Milton, Florida, 2016


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