Preaching on the Street Corner

Preaching on street corner

You passersby, please stop and stand and hear
About a Man who came to earth and bled,
Whose purpose was to drive away death’s fear.

Before His face the demon-angels fled.
By dying He forever loosed sin’s shackle,
Then rising up again, for you He pled.

Forever He has silenced Satan’s cackle;
By living He has quenched Hell’s hottest flame.
The unbelieving soon shall hear the crackle,

When He returns and calls His own by name.


January 24, 2003 ~ Terza Rima variant
© 2017 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved
Photo found in a Google search

Usually a terza rima ends with a couplet or tercet. I chose to end mine with a monostich.

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