Five-Minute Friday: TRY

This is my first time ever participating in the Five-Minute Friday challenge. I’ll have to say the hardest thing about it was not going back to revise. I’m a poet, so I wrote a poem. It has not been revised, and I’ll be the first to tell you it needs it! But that would defeat the purpose of this little exercise, now wouldn’t it? Not only does it need revision, but it went in the polar opposite direction from where I thought I was leading it. Like a great big dog being walked by a very little girl. You go where the dog wants to go when the dog is bigger than you. And evidently this poem is bigger than me. 🙂

So, introduction is done. Now it’s time to TRY.


Is it hard to understand?
Try a little harder.
Do you think you’ve given all?
Give a little more.
Have you run your very farthest?
Run a little farther.
Have you lost at every gateway?
Open one more door.
The next door, the next stretch,
The next half-an-ounce of effort
Might be just the thing you need
So to finish and succeed.
But you’ll never know until you try.


13 thoughts on “Five-Minute Friday: TRY

  1. Welcome to Five Minute Friday! I liked your poem. It’s interesting to see how a single word can inspire us and often a post can come out that is quite different from what we expected.

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