The Fourth of July

Bobby 2002 06

Two excited little boys take a seat in a military aircraft on exhibit at the air field

Load up!
Grandma and Grandpa await our arrival.
You can catch a nap in the car
Until we get there.

Get up!
Climb aboard the plane, run the obstacle course,
Man the gun, pet the animals,
Bounce and splash and dance.

Eat up!
Guzzle lots of water to keep yourself cool.
Feast on hamburgers and hotdogs
With a tray of fries.

Look up!
Watch the colored lights splash against the night sky.
Beware the boom, sizzle and pop.
Absorb the beauty.

Load up!
Grandma and Grandpa await our departure.
You can rest your head in the bed
When we get home.


Written July 10, 2002
© 2017 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved

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