The Sum of All Poetry Equals

Poetry = pictures painted with palabras*

Hats off to all who have participated in the Poetry Six-Word Challenge so far. Keep them coming!

Here are all the lovely Poetry Equations that have been created and shared to date.  Each one is a gem. Please enjoy these and also check out the other poems and articles written by each of these contributors.

Poetry = eye of my hurricane
by jerennazuto of It’s All about Nothing

Poetry = sipping concentrated word wine
by Lisa Luciano of My Word Soup

Poetry = heartsong expounded with brevity
by Linda Luna of Dark Side of the Moon

Poetry = heart’s pitcher poured out
by Jael Sook of God’s Chair

Poetry = flowing thoughts on life
by Piper Pierce of Piper’s Adventures

Poetry = release for my soul
by Linda Lee Lyberg of Charmed Chaos

Poetry = expressions of deepest thoughts
by nightshade130 of Sherline’s Watchu Thinkin’ Blog

Poetry = stanzas stir the spirit
by Grace of Following Him Beside Still Waters

Poetry = life’s collage in words
Denny of dennyisms, thoughts, on the way Home!

Poetry = whispers to your heart
by Angela Umphers Rueger and Charles Robert Lindholm of The Reluctant Poet

Reblogged by
> William Pierce of Walk with God
> Denny of dennyisms, thoughts, on the way Home! 

And here is an “extra” that I found in a comment left on someone else’s post:

Poetry = the overflow of emotions
by William Wordsworth

*Spanish for words



5 thoughts on “The Sum of All Poetry Equals

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  2. Angela, You are just too clever! I just started laughing when I saw what You wrote. Pictures Painted with Palabras – beautiful in English but a total gem with palabras! I can see that you are an experienced button pusher. Ha!

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