Paper Promises

Upon my dresser sits a bowl
With slips of paper filled.
They bear a message to my soul,
By pen and ink there quilled.
Each morning I take one slip out
And read the promise there.
It serves to ease my fear and doubt
And strengthens me to bear
The burdens that the day will bring
Through each and every word.
Then lifting up my voice, I sing,
Just like a happy bird.

Copyright © 2017 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved
Daily Prompt: paper

5 thoughts on “Paper Promises

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    • Actually, no. I have a perpetual calendar on a shelf near my bedroom door, and I flip it every morning to read the daily verse from the Psalms. The idea for the promise bowl came from a baby shower I attended. We were all invited to write a bit of advice on an index card, then the cards were placed in a large jar for the expectant mother to draw out later.


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