The Seed

seedlingThe Old Testament presents the eternal redemptive purposes of God in Jesus Christ (TERPOGIJC) within the framework of the nation of Israel. It gives us the truth of the Gospel in seed form.

From the Rock in the desert that quenched Israel’s thirst
To the manna God forty years kindly dispersed,
From the judgment for sin that God had to effuse
To the mercy and pardon He would not refuse,
From the hand of the Lord, giving strength to the weak,
Making paths in the sea, serving food from a beak,
To the prophecies made that would all be fulfilled,
Jesus Christ, although dimly, was doubtless revealed.
And the people of God knew from sin they’d be freed
When by faith they took hold of the Gospel, the seed.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

2 thoughts on “The Seed

  1. Well stated! I agree with you on the OT pointing the way to the coming of Christ and the events which led to our salvation…(Isaiah 53 is all about Christ, written some 700 years before He was born)…



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