Weep Not

Good night (1)

Weep not, dear ones, for I’m not there
In casket cold or graveyard bare.
I’ve gone to higher country where
My Savior did a home prepare
For me and others everywhere
Who trusted Him with all their care.
Weep not.

Weep not, dear ones—don’t cry for me.
I’m in a better place, you see,
Where living waters, flowing free,
Cascade beside that special tree;
And I now dwell eternally
In heaven, where I’ve longed to be.
Weep not.

Weep not, dear ones—the time draws near
When you will join me, gathered here
To praise our Lord and Savior dear
Eternally—plus one more year,
And never more will we know fear.
So to my message, please give ear:
Weep not!

Photo of my dad, taken in Blackstone, Virginia, 2011

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