Just waking up

Help! I don’t know who I am.
Only yesterday I had an identity, a vocation.
My whole world was changed by one small cry following a lot of pain.
Everything is new to me. Where’s the instruction manual?
“Mama.” Did you say that? Do you know what it means?
All my life I’ve waited for this, but now…
Knowing—and yet not knowing—what lies ahead
Each day bringing a new challenge, its own reward
Reality hits: I’m a Mom!

Twenty years ago a 9-pound 2-ounce little fella turned my world around when he took his first breath and forever changed my identity. He rocked my world while I rocked him.

But there are two other moms who deserve so much more praise than I ever will. The first one is the precious woman who gave me birth. She becomes dearer to me with each passing year, and I’m so thankful to still have her in my life.

The second one is the wonderful woman who became my mother when she married my dad. She chose to be my mom when I was eleven years old, and she helped me through the turbulent teen years and into adulthood. She held my hand as I delivered my first child, and she was there for a good many other milestones as well. Most importantly, she was responsible for me coming to know the Lord.

Some people grow up without a mother, but I was blessed to have two. Happy Mother’s Day, Gracie Davis and Marguerite Umphers. I love you both for the sacrifices you have made and the love you have shown through the years.

Photo taken in Chesapeake, Virginia, 1997

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