Morning Song

cascade of white roses falling over fence

In the early morning hours I sit and write
And rest my eyes on that which grows and moves
Around me, never tiring of the sight
Of man’s employment mixed with that which proves
That God is real: the boughs of roses white—
My neighbor put them there, but God approves
And makes the branches heavy with their blooms
That drape across the fence the neighbor built,
Upon which sits a bird with ruby plumes
And sings to the morning with a cheerful lilt.

Copyright © 2018 Angela Umphers Rueger – All Rights Reserved

Sonnetina Quattro
A sestet and a quatrain, usually in iambic tetrameter or pentameter.
The stanzas may appear in either order, but the sestet usually comes first.
Rhyme scheme: ababab cdcd
This one is written in iambic pentameter

Photo taken in my backyard, 2018



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